(June 2015) Twenty years ago a small group of business owners and investors concerned about Arkansas’ economic future organized the Policy Foundation as a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit think tank.


The Foundation emphasizes the importance of tax policy and education reform, and encourages citizenship through forums and other activities.


One Person Can Make A Difference…


Wythe Walker, Jr., former publisher of Arkansas Business, a state weekly, filed the original document establishing the Policy Foundation.


…A Group Of Determined Individuals Can Change A State


Michael Watson, a Texas think tank official, was recruited to lead the Policy Foundation.  His wife, Donna, co-authored an early charter school study that led to expansion of the concept.  Tens of thousands of Arkansas students have benefited from charters because of their efforts.


More than 100 determined individuals served on the Murphy Commission, a Policy Foundation project that spent three years (1995-98) examining state government before making recommendations.  Madison Murphy of El Dorado led the panel.  Many ideas have been enacted despite a deeply-entrenched status quo.  These include a 50 percent state capital gains tax exemption, partial reduction of state income tax rates, letter grades for K-12 public schools, and a private school choice program.


The Policy Foundation’s Board, donors and volunteers have never wavered in their resolve to maintain an independent research group serving the people of Arkansas.


Banquet Will Celebrate Progress


The Foundation’s 20th anniversary banquet will celebrate this progress.


For more information or to volunteer please contact us at (501) 537-0825.