(October 2020) Four counties led Arkansas income ranks in the last decade, recording levels greater than the state average, according to federal data.

The counties are Benton, Pulaski, Union and Arkansas. They were the only counties to report per capita personalincome levels greater than the Arkansas average in 2009 and 2018, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis records show.

Benton 121.0% of U.S. average
Pulaski 104.6%
Union 92.9%
Arkansas 87.3%
Saline 83.2%
Sebastian 82.1%
Lonoke 80.3%
State Average 79.3%
Benton 163.3% of U.S. average
Pulaski 94.0%
Union 85.4%
Arkansas 83.2%
State Average 79.4%

Every other Arkansas county recorded per capita personal income less than the state average, according to BEA Regional Economic Accounts data. Lincoln County reported the lowest income (49.6% of U.S.) and rank in 2018.

— Greg Kaza