(January 2017) The Wall Street Journal, America’s leading commercial daily published a column in its January 14 edition that discussed the Arkansas state government Efficiency Project.  Policy Foundation Executive Director Greg Kaza wrote the column, which noted the “model of efficiency is business.”  The piece identified Arkansas entrepreneurs with “thrift, efficiency and the time value of money” but noted “the outlook that has been more historically evident in Arkansas government is what folks down here might term (a) “gravy train on biscuit wheels.””  The column noted the Efficiency Project aims to change Arkansas’ government culture.


The column appeared in the weekend edition’s ‘Cross Country’ feature, which highlights policy developments each week in a different U.S. state.


The Wall Street Journal column noted that Gov. Arkansas Asa Hutchinson can enact some Efficiency Project recommendations by executive action.  Other actions will require leadership by the Arkansas state legislature.


Gov. Hutchinson’s hiring freeze, enacted after he took office in 2015 has reduced state payrolls by 1,161 employees, according to the WSJ column.



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“A New Arkansas Supermajority to Take On Government Bloat”


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