Income Tax Chronology

“The state’s income tax should be reduced … Consider an across-the-board cut, reduce the marginal rates, exempt taxpayers below a certain income level from filing, and expedite the process of indexing for inflation (ImprovingProductivity by Reducing Taxes and Taxes and Savings in Arkansas, Arkansas Policy Foundation, 1998 study) (September 2023) Following is a brief Arkansas […]

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Economic Indicators & No-Income Tax States

(May 2023) Historically, Arkansas critics of income tax cuts have relied on class-warfare arguments to oppose the policy. More recently, some critics have tried to argue that no-income tax states do not generate higher income growth. The Policy Foundation, in a 2004 research memo (“High Growth States”) noted factors influencing economic development “include tax rates; […]

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Achieving 100 Percent

ACHIEVING 100 PERCENT in order for Arkansas to move from a low-wage to a high-wage economy, the state needs to decte8se ma,gina/ tax rares… In orcter to attract (high-income) WOrkers to Arkansas.• (Murphy Commission, 1998)   (June 2007) A group of Arkansas business and communityleaders have started a project with the ambitious goal of increasing […]

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