NEA Membership Declined In Arkansas In 2007

(June 2008) The National Education Association (NEA), the largest government-sector labor union in the United States, lost members in Arkansas in 2007, records show.

There were 16,528 Arkansas NEA members as of Dec. 31, 2007 according to a document posted by the union. The number represents a decline of 221 members, or 1.32 percent. The full document can be viewed at:

The following states and jurisdictions, including Arkansas recorded membership declines in the period.

Other             -11.82%
Federal   -3.58%
West Virginia   -2.68%
North Dakota   -2.11%
Louisiana   -2.08%
South Carolina  -1.71%
Mississippi   -1.63%
Arkansas   -1.32%
Indiana   -0.49%
Delaware   -0.47%
Rhode Island   -0.42%
Ohio    -0.39%
Virginia   -0.37%
Maine    -0.18%
Utah    -0.17%
Nebraska   -0.14%
Tennessee   -0.13%
Missouri   -0.04%

New York and the District of Columbia recorded the largest percentage membership increases in the period. NEA membership nationwide expanded 14.08 percent in 2007, the document shows.

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