As Governor of the State of Arkansas, I am committed to preserving and protecting the financial integrity of our state.  Transparency, accountability, and efficiency promote the people's faith in good government.  The citizens of Arkansas deserve a critical evaluation of their state government to ensure the cost-effective delivery of services and to ensure that state employees have every possible means necessary to maximize their effectiveness.


The Arkansas Policy Foundation (the "Foundation") was established in 1995 as an independent research organization.  It has conducted efficiency reviews of our state government using citizen volunteers, academics, and others with specialized knowledge in certain areas of interest that facilitate in the Foundation's research.  The Foundation has established the Efficiency Project, which will review our state government in the upcoming months.  The Efficiency Project is supported by some of Arkansas's leading business people and professionals, and it is charged with developing recommendations to streamline our state government in order to make it more cost-effective and citizen accountable.  The Efficiency Project allows a nonpartisan, independent group of citizens to volunteer their time and efforts to directly impact the improvement of state government.  Upon completion of its review, the Foundation will publicly report its findings and recommendations.


In light of the foregoing, I hereby direct all directors of state offices, departments and agencies to assist the Foundation in its evaluation of our state government and in its development of recommendations to streamline state government and make it more cost-effective and citizen accountable.  In facilitating with this necessary review of state government, each director shall designate one of his or her employees to coordinate with the Foundation and to ensure that it receives all pertinent requested information pertaining to its review.


If you have any questions regarding the Efficiency Project, you may contact the Executive Director of the Arkansas Policy Foundation:


Mr. Greg Kaza

Arkansas Policy Foundation

111 Center Street, Suite 1200

Little Rock, AR. 72201

Office: 501-537-0825

Email: kaza@


If you have any questions regarding the mandatory compliance with this Memorandum, you may contact my deputy legal counsel:


Mr. Andrew "Vu" Ritchie

Office of Governor Asa Hutchinson

500 Woodlane Street, Suite 124

Little Rock, AR. 72201

Office: 501-683-6462





Asa Hutchinson